Our Kelva Contact Web Cleaners are suitable for cleaning of coated (glossed) paper, film and foil with low dust levels and intermittent production.
Web speeds up to 300 m/minute and web widths up to 1500mm. Pneumatic operation. Available for cleaning of one side, or both sides of the web.

Key benefits:
  • easy to retrofit                                         
  • compact, with small overall dimensions
  • gentle web handling
  • easy to detect web contamination
  • silent operation

The table below will guide you in the search for the correct contact web cleaner model for your application.
Please note that this cleaner type normally would be recommended only for applications in film, foil and sealed paper processes.
Choose web width to identify the contact cleaner we recommend. 
By clicking the model name on the left, you may download spec sheets on the chosen model. For final selection, please contact us.

Model            Web speed < 300m/min                 Remark 
LC                   200-1500mm                                     Single sided 
CWC-S              250-550mm                                     Single sided 
CWC-D              250-550mm                                    Double sided 
WWC               300-1500mm                                    Double sided, heavy duty 
WWC-MR        1500-2100mm                                    Double sided

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