The Kelva non-contact web cleaner is universal. It is suitable for all types of material, from low to high levels of dust and contaminations, web speeds up to 2000 m/min and widths up to 5000 mm.
Operation is manual or pneumatic. Cleaning of both sides of the web is standard.
A Kelva web cleaning system consists of a non-contact web cleaner head with passive or active antistatic equipment, a filter-fan unit, a dust collecting filter and control unit.
The web itself and the collected contamination on the surface is deionised by a noncontact static discharger, located above and across the incoming web.
To penetrate the moisture layer the filter-fan unit generates pressurised warm air, which when blown through the air slot in the cleaning head reduces the surface tension and allows effective dust removal.

Finally, the patented cleaner head design allows penetration of the boundary air layer by directing turbulent air towards the web. This unique technology creates micro-vibrations on the web surface, causing the particles to loosen and allowing the vacuum air to remove them through the vacuum slots. These three cleaning actions are unique to the KELVA design and achieve the most effective web cleaning known of the time of writing.

Key benefits:

  • no interference on web guiding or web tension.
  • no contact damages on the web.
  • low maintenance, no wear on components.
  • low operation and service costs.
The table below will guide you in the search for the correct non-contact web cleaner model for your application. Identify your material then choose web width to identify the web cleaner equipment we recommend. By clicking the model name on the left, you may download spec sheets on the chosen model. For final selection, please contact us.
Model                              Film/Foil                           Paper <= 180g
K-15 / BR43                        <= 450mm                            <=350mm  
K-22 / BR45                       400 – 700mm                       300 – 700mm 
K-22 / BR41 /BR54              400 – 700mm                       300 – 700mm 
K-30 / BR45                       600 – 1350mm                      600 – 1200mm 
K-30 / BR41 /BR54             600 – 1350mm                      600 – 1200mm 
K-55 / BR31                     1100 – 1800mm                    1000 – 1650mm  
K-55 / BR52                     1100 – 1800mm                    1000 – 1650mm  
K-75 / BR31                     1600 – 2400mm                    1500 – 2200mm  
K-75 / BR52                     1600 – 2400mm                    1500 – 2200mm  
2 x K-55 / BR31 - D          2200 – 3500mm                    2000 – 3300mm  
2 x K-55 / BR52 - D          2200 – 3500mm                    2000 – 3300mm 
2 x K-75 / BR31 - D          3000 – 5000mm                    2200 – 5000mm  
2 x K-75 / BR52 - D          3000 – 5000mm                    2200 – 5000mm 

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