• maximum webwidth: 1100mm
  • maximum reeldiameter: 1270mm
  • maximum speed: 400m/min

Butler's AR-1000MS Series turret automatic splicing rewinder combines matched speed reliability and great control technology for unmatched splice reliability at speeds of up to 9 m/s. This competitive machine includes advanced features such as a splice head nip assembly for tightly wound rolls, simple web up and microprocessor/PLC controls with adjustable taper tension.
The extremely solid manufacture and simple mechanical layout feature a minimum number of motors and mechanical parts to ensure long trouble free performance.
The design includes provisions for an optional integral web aligner and adjustable pressure roller to assure high quality roll production.
The splice is made onto a taped core for easy repeatability and simple splice preparation.
The design offers a compact turret, requiring no pit for easy installation.

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