Whether you need packaging materials, brochures, catalogues or large-area offset prints – our anilox solutions deliver a high-quality standard of finish that lets you stand out from the crowd. Our ceramic anilox rollers will convince you, with a massive range of applications that runs from homogeneous surfaces up to those that involve multiple coatings. You can also use our anilox rollers with any coating system, all with the permanent benefits of stable adhesion behaviour and high operating performance.

Coating finish
Coating finishes offer countless creative possibilities. Our anilox rollers are ideal for use with dispersion, UV or blister coatings. Thanks to their special geometric properties, our ceramic anilox rollers are optimised to meet the requirements of various coatings. Our gravure configurations help you achieve homogeneous surfaces of up to 95 gloss units, with anything from high-gloss coatings to extraordinary applications.
Special-effect coatings
A wide range of different finishes lets you add a certain something to your printed matter. We have developed special gravure formats that provide you with various ways of applying special-effect coatings, such as those involving gold and silver, Iriodin or matt-gloss (drip-off) finishes.

Rewettable rubber coating
Rewettable rubber coatings are used for mailshots, application forms, order forms or premier marking systems. We are also able, as a result of a programme of intensive research conducted in cooperation with renowned adhesive manufacturers, to use anilox rollers to apply a rewettable rubber coating on top of your substrate finish.