The spiral binding machine PBS 3000 QS inserts automatically pre-cut plastic spirals in pre-punched books. Simultaniously, the machine cuts the inserted spiral on book format and bends the both ends inward, all in a single operation! This electrically driven machine requires, due to the Quick-Set-equipment, only very short times for conversion to other formats, without the help of tools.
The ergonomic arrangement and the production of the machine allow you to bind a wide range of books. Books with tabs form no obstacle for the PBS 3000 QS. This machine allows you to bind around 600 books per hour.

Features and benefits:
  • foot pedal operated
  • set of 15 spine formers
  • side-lay adjustment in relation with bookthickness
  • accommodates different pitches: .2475" - 4:1" - 6mm - 3:1" ...
  • binding capacity: diameters from 8mm up to 20mm
  • optional from 6mm to 30mm
  • min/max binding edge: from 125mm up to 305mm or 430mm
  • speed: up to 600 books/hour
  • extention with spiral forming machine for "in-line" production is always possible

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