Afwerken - LASER-STANSMACHINES - S-Series Sheet laser

The Spartanics Sheet Laser Converting Machines are the first and only continuous sheet-fed laser cutting systems.  Some manufacturers offer machines that are able to feed sheets under a laser beam intermittently; slowing down productivity.  With Spartanics state-of-the art technology, our sheet laser converting machines are able to pick up and feed sheets automatically while laser cutting at speeds up to 100+ meters per minute.
Spartanics is able to customize sheet laser converting systems to meet your needs. Please read below for examples of different types of the Sheet Laser Converting Machines with a myriad of capabilities.


Sheet-fed laser cutting machines have meet and exceeded performance expectations for many of our clients and are most commonly found in the following markets:
  • RFID
  • Automotive
  • Abrasive Materials
  • Membrane Switches
  • Flexible Circuitry
  • Gaskets
  • Magnets
  • Industrial
  • Direct Mail

Sheet laser converting system specifications :

  • Speeds from 60 m to 100 m per Minute
  • 210 Micron Laser Spot Size
  • Applications Software – Optimization, Cut-And-Stitch, Estimator

Sheet laser converting system configurations :

  • Sheet Fed
  • Combination Roll/Sheet

With converting options, you have the freedom to build your laser cutting machine to suit your specific needs.  Converting options available for the Spartanics sheet fed laser cutting machines include:
  • 500 mm Wide Option
  • 350 mm Wide Option
  • 210 mm Wide Option
  • UV Coating System
  • Rotary Die Cutting Station
  • Rotary Sheeting Option
  • Rotary Hot Stamper
  • Knife Slitting Component
  • Rotary Knife Slitting Component
  • Lamination Station
  • Bar Code Reading
For a more detail list of available converting options, visit the Laser Converting Option Page.

Sheet-fed laser converting systems by Spartanics are recognized as the premier continuous sheet fed laser cutter in the market today.  The automatic sheet feeding device increases throughput, automatically removes parts from the sheet and has very few material limitations.  Other benefits of Spartanics Sheet-Fed Laser Converting Systems include:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Defect-free Cutting
  • Tool-free Cutting
  • Eliminate Layout Limitations
  • Reduced Scrap Material Costs
  • Reload Jobs in Minutes
  • Consistent and Repeatable Cut-to-Print Registration