Flexible packaging
Packaging materials need to be ever-more sophisticated, lighter in weight and lower in cost. The need to strike a balance between economic efficiency,
environmental sustainability and constantly changing, new creative ideas is a major challenge for the sector. Our anilox rollers allow you to react accordingly, as you tackle your individual printing requirements. As pioneers in the field of anilox rollers, we cooperate with all the renowned major manufacturers of printing machines, and will be happy to advise you regarding the optimum anilox roller combination for your particular area of application.

Reduced setup times
Just as repro departments determine the characteristics of your printing services, we maintain minimum tolerances when it comes to the cell volumes of our anilox rollers. This reduces the setup times of your printing machine, while letting you quickly achieve – and then maintain constant – the CMYK colour balance. You can as a result quickly print your designs on a wide range of substrates, including PE, PP, OPP, HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, OPP, PP, PA/PE, COEX, PP-woven, aluminium composite, organic film, etc., regardless of what you are working with halftones of 54 or 60 LPI or more.

Stability of both new and repeat print jobs
Our anilox rollers allow you to print packaging-film materials even with water-based coloured inks, thereby fulfilling the current tendency to use environment-friendly packaging materials. The outstanding drainage performance of our anilox rollers lets you transfer the ink perfectly, helping to ensure the stability of both new and repeat print jobs. You can therefore concentrate on your actual main day-to-day task – that of printing!